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Planet Sugar: small contributions can make big changes


Planet Sugar is a collection of personal blogs by Sugar Labs contributors. Some time ago, Tomeu Vizoso suggested me to add my blog to the subscriptions list. Until that moment, I was not aware of the existence of this wonderful website. Thanks to Tomeu for his suggestion! And thanks to Bernie Innocenti for . . . → Read More: Planet Sugar: small contributions can make big changes

TuxMath for Sugar


TuxMath is an arcade game that helps kids practice their math facts.

It was created by Tux4Kids and I ported it to the OLPC‘s XO-1.

While fighting against asteroids, armed only with their math skills, users will greatly improve their hability to perform arithmetical operations mentally. And breaking records! TuxMath has several dificulty . . . → Read More: TuxMath for Sugar

Howto remove JS/Wonka trojan from WordPress


My friend Pablo Moleri told me that his McAfee antivirus found the JS/Wonka trojan in my WordPress blog. This trojan consists of a special javascript code that may be used as a means to load other malicious scripts and exploit trojans.

Javascript code in WordPress can be found either in files or in . . . → Read More: Howto remove JS/Wonka trojan from WordPress

Web analysis statistics for TemaTres using Piwik


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