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Hackergotchi howto


Recently, the guys at Planet Sugar asked me to add a hackergotchi. After finding out what a hackergotchi is, I created my own. Here’s how I did it using GIMP in Ubuntu.

This guide is based on this article, with some additional explanations for GIMP newbies (like me).

Step by step guide

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MS Windows 2008 password recovery


Recently, I had to login as the local Administrator in a MS Windows 2008 server. Guess what: nobody knew the local Administrator password. This happens pretty often when a MS Windows host is part of a Windows domain because administrators usually login as the domain Administrator and rarely use the local admin user.

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PayPal donations in WordPress


Sometimes, a good post may raise your blog popularity and you may experience some hundreds of hit rates. From those hundreds of Internet users, dozens of them may find the information they were looking for, which will surely make them happy. Some of these happy people will also be grateful and may want . . . → Read More: PayPal donations in WordPress