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Request Tracker email auto completion


This is a very cool plugin for Request Tracker (RT) that will help your users write the right e-mail address and will avoid the administrators those annoying bounces when e-mails are sent from RT to wrong e-mail addresses.

I used RT 3.8.8 and RTx::EmailCompletion 0.06.

Installation perl -MCPAN -e shell cpan> install RTx::EmailCompletion . . . → Read More: Request Tracker email auto completion

Disk space usage tools for Windows


When disk C: is almost out of space and your Windows system gets painfully slow, how do you choose what to delete to free space? Manually checking file and folder sizes is too slow and may not free as much space as needed.

I recommend two simple but powerful tools to find out . . . → Read More: Disk space usage tools for Windows