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Kezmo: enterprise chat & team management tool

OrangeLoops Inc have released Kezmo, an enterprise chat & collaboration platform for companies concerned about security in the cloud, with a need to manage international teams. The launch took place at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Gabriel Lopez, the company CEO & Co-founder, states “we want to provide the ease of use introduced by mass consumer messaging apps within an infrastructure corporations can control”.

Whatsapp is reportedly being used actively by more than 1,000 millions users. The usage of these type of tools on the one hand has generated expectations in users in terms of agility and user experience, but on the other hand is opening a vulnerability in the exchange of sensitive business information beyond the control of corporations. This generates an opportunity for a walled garden alternative that corporations may implement.

Kezmo provides the ability to be installed on premises and be tailored to the needs of the enterprise. It also provides capabilities to structure messages as different types of actionable content, such as: tasks, issues, reminders, along with visual capabilities such as kanban and mind map views to manage content.

Currently, Kezmo is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese with Japanese, Chinese, German and French planned to be supported by the end of 2016.

The product is commercialized with a freemium model, with an online version available for free, limited in storage space and available history of messages. The enterprise version is focused on premises installation, and integrations with legacy and third party systems.

Users can register online at

The platform includes iOS & Android client apps for mobile use, and Web application for desktop.

About OrangeLoops

OrangeLoops Inc is a company founded in 2015 focused in delivering mobile first productivity tools for the enterprise market. The company is the second endeavor by the team of founders, after the successful acquisition of their former company SouthLabs Inc in 2011, where they released SharePlus the mobile client for Microsoft SharePoint.

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