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sugar-jhbuild: run Sugar within your favorite Linux graphical environment

In Linux, sugar-jhbuild can run a Sugar session in a window on your desktop using the Xephyr nested X window server.

Sugar-jhbuild will automatically download the latest of Sugar’s dependencies as well as Sugar itself directly from their source repositories, rather than relying on source packages that may have become stale.

Installing sugar-jhbuild

1) Create the GIT repository

$ sudo apt-get install git-core subversion python-distutils-extra
$ mkdir sugar
$ cd sugar
$ git clone git:// sugar-jhbuild
$ cd sugar-jhbuild

2) Download the source

$ ./sugar-jhbuild update

3) Install dependencies

To check required system packages to build sugar-jhbuild:

$ ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck

This command will return a list of packages which must be installed with the correspondent package manager for your distribution. In Ubuntu, you can install the packages with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 ...

After package installation, you may double-check for sugar-jhbuild dependencies by running ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck again.

4) Compile

$ ./sugar-jhbuild build

Running multiple instances

You can run multiple instances of sugar-jhbuild. These instances will behave as different hosts, so you can test activities with sharing capabilities.

To run a different instance of sugar-jhbuild, we just need to change the value of the SUGAR_PROFILE variable:

$ SUGAR_PROFILE=2 ./sugar-jhbuild run


You can find solutions to some common problems in this page of OLPC Wiki.

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